Our Intelligence

In 2015, InfoArmor acquired IntelCrawler to help enterprises uncover cyber threats using our targeted  intelligence that is critical for advanced risk and contingency planning. InfoArmor enterprise threat intelligence combines contextual big data analysis with deep infiltration into cyber criminal activities before they reach your network. Our relational cyber intelligence bridges the gap between verified data and emerging enterprise attacks…so you can take a preemptive stand against a full spectrum of targeted threats.

  • Threat

    Big data analysis, e-crime and malware for situational intelligence

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  • Risk

    Automated or customized intelligence based on your specific threat profile

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  • Vulnerability

    Zero-day outbreak monitoring and emerging threat assessment

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  • E-Crime

    Global e-crime database for insight into cyber criminal chatter and activities

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  • Security

    Contextual intelligence to pinpoint threats inside your network

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  • Malware

    Network threat intelligence to refine your incident response

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  • Billions of Credentials

    We’ve harvested nearly 500 million account credentials and collected 1.7 billion passwords from unrevealed data theft cases and other InfoArmor intelligence.

  • Millions of Infections

    We use advanced botnets, intelligence mechanisms and active defense technologies to track/analyze millions of IP addresses containing active malicious network activity.

  • Money Laundering

    Our money laundering intelligence in over 50 regions worldwide tracks financial terrorism, drug/human trafficking and those involved in financial crimes.

  • E-Crime

    The InfoArmor e-crime database is the first of its kind for search and analysis of over a million bad actor nicks, tens of millions of threads and over 50 million cyber prints.

  • Infiltration

    Our operatives span the globe including Russia, China, Israel, Latin America to monitor bad actor profiles and directly link security incidents to underground communities using specialized tradecraft.