Threat Intelligence

IntelCrawler can help to protect against global threats, vulnerabilities, financial fraud or data leaks, which helps mitigate the risks for your organization.

The service provides early warnings and actionable security intelligence briefings from the real-time updating of terabytes of cloud information we monitor each day.

Some of the markets of IntelCrawler customers are:

  • LEA/GO;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Insurance Companies;
  • e-Commerce Companies;
  • Gambling Companies;
  • Private Companies and Corporations.

The service does not require additional software or hardware deployment and is provided to verified entities only. Custom programs can be tailored to include analytical interpretations of complex pieces of intelligence to help connect the dots of possible global attacks against actual servers or a company's products and services.

Please contact us for additional information at info@intelcrawler.com.